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Circle Time: During this period, the class are brought together to discuss days of the week, months, seasons and the weather. We also discuss our monthly topic at this time. Our monthly topics include the Planets, Animals, Seasons, and Cultures.

Art: Each week the class will have an art project, which will be displayed, in the classroom for parents to admire. There will also be smaller art activities e.g. colouring during the week.

Music Appreciations: The aim of this exercise is to introduce and explore different genres of music. Learning about simple music instruments, allowing the child to understand and appreciate the music around them. We will also incorporate dancing into this exercise.

Cookery: Children will learn about different foods, tastes, textures and smells. From time to time the class will carry out simple recipes to bring home.

Stories, Poetry and Singing: Children will learn new songs, nursery rhymes and poems which will develop their vocabulary and confidence. 

Curriculum content

Arrival for Class

Working with Montessori Equipment

Snack Time

Circle Time

Art / Music Appreciation / Cookery

Stories / Poetry / Singing Puzzles  

Home Time

Daily routine

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